Our Team is Our Pride

Harsha Wavita

Founder & CEO

Reaching the business goals by achieving the profit margins and revenues from the minimum usage of resources is not that easy and that’s the main challenge most business owners going through at the moment. This is where effective strategies and solutions are required for your business. Majority of the world spend much time on internet and so as expanding your marketing via online platforms is much needed at the moment as it’s the best solution to promote your brand and increase the sales.  This is where you face a challenge at the same time. Due to effectiveness of digital marketing many businesses have grown up by discovering new ventures in online traffics. Thus, in order to make your business an outstanding among your competitors, getting the service of a rightful and professional marketing team is needed. With the rapid update happening in the information technology parallel to globalization, digital marketing has invaded considerable areas in the world today by expanding the commercial ventures and maximizing the capacities. It has also recognized as the best remedy and effective solution for the numeral advantages it offers for businesses.

Professor Amir Khan

Co Partner

My current work involves disruption marketing, strategic management approach to entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. I am now involved in motivational speaking and public speaking to our young entrepreneurs. There is a great opportunity in this sector to make our growing nation to understand the linkage between Strategic Management and entrepreneurship as they need to achieve sustainable business. I m the owner of Digi learning, futureed, Austek consultancy

Our Team is our Strength

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